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CAA offers fully managed Google Cloud Platform services to help you optimize cloud performance and drive higher cost savings. With Google, you get the advantage of building and hosting web apps on the same systems that power Google applications. 

CAA assists you in making the right choice between hybrid cloud, private cloud, and on- or off-premise Google Cloud, and other hosted cloud environments. 

  • Agility, flexibility and scalability

  • Private Global Fiber and Tiered Network

  • Live Migration of Virtual Machines

  • Enhanced Performance

  • Comprehensible security, reliability, and operational autonomy


CAA’s Google Cloud Services offerings include:

  • 24x7x365 Cloud Ops Center, service automation frameworks, and continuous monitoring and adaptive management

  • From basic cloud architecture set-up to onboarding, migration and ongoing operational support-- our experts help you with planning, design and support for your platform workload

  • Secure, high-performance, global, cost effective and adaptable infrastructure

  • Serverless, fully managed computing, Data and Analytics Services

  • Live migrations of VMs and resizing of persistent disks without any downtime

  • High level security with encryption of all data in transit between Google, customers, and data centers

  • DevOps and Automation Support

  • Cloud cost management and optimization

  • Managed services for cloud applications to support and augment your existing IT and operations teams

  • Cloud application security, governance, and compliance

Managed Google Cloud

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